The new Home Speaker 8 Lounge, Home Speaker 7 Micro Hi-Fi and Home Speaker 4 Studio are the three latest Energy Sistem devices conceived to fill your living room with music.

The Home Speaker 8 Lounge has a versatile design thanks to its two interchangeable grills. This way, users can choose the style that best suits their home. It has been conceived as a 2.1 sound system with a built-in subwoofer, five front drivers and 60 W power to provide the best possible sound quality. Another highlight is its connectivity. In addition to featuring Bluetooth 4.1, it also has a built-in FM radio with automatic tuning, a USB and microSD player (up to 128 GB) and a 3.5 mm jack audio-in. It also includes optical and coaxial digital inputs for all users who are looking for Hi-Fi playback.

The Home Speaker 7 Micro Hi-Fi has been designed for the most demanding users: a sound system that plays all the music you want wirelessly. It has a simple yet perfect design that will fit anywhere at home. This system with modular design consists of two 15 W and 4” full range speakers. The all-in-one Hi-Fi system features Bluetooth, MP3 player to play files stored on USB sticks or CDs (supports MP3 and WMA formats) and a 3.5 mm jack aux-in. It also has a built-in FM radio with 50 presets. This way, users have all the possible playback options at their disposal.

The Home Speaker 4 Studio has a subtle yet powerful design, which suits any lifestyle or user looking to integrate music seamlessly into their home. It consists of a wooden cabinet, a system of 2.1 speakers with 35 W power and FM radio with manual and automatic tuning. In terms of connectivity, the Home Speaker 4 Studio features Bluetooth 4.1, player for removable USB sticks (up to 128 GB) and 3.5 mm jack audio-in.

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