Why choose if you can have it all? Enjoy your music via Bluetooth, CDs, USB sticks or FM radio.  Now you can have a portable Bluetooth speaker to carry with you, play music wirelessly from your smartphone and amplify sound at the same time.

Created for those who can’t live without music

Meet the new Boombox 6 and Boombox 3, and bring life back to your CD collection and listen to your favourite songs with this CD player anytime, anywhere. Built-in MP3 player for USB sticks (up to 128 GB) and all the connections you need to enjoy music your own way. The device also features a backlit LCD screen to see all the details of the song you’re listening to.

If you are a loyal fan of traditional radio, this speaker is for you. It features a CD player and an FM radio to listen to your favourite stations and programmes whenever you want.

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