Are you ready to discover a new Energy Sistem experience? We’re presenting a new line of headphones and speakers designed for gamers looking for high-quality gaming sessions. We have entered the video game market with a proposal consisting of 3 gaming headphones exclusively aimed at gamers. Let’s check them out:

Gaming Headphones ESG 5 Shock and Gaming ESG 2 Laser: headphones conceived for long gaming sessions

Gaming Headphones ESG 5 Shock and ESG 2 Laser are two new Energy Sistem models designed for long gaming sessions. The brand has chosen an over-ear design with two different types of ear pads: ESG 5 Shock feature breathable ear pads while ESG 2 Laser have leather-finish ear pads.

Both models include a Boom Mic to adjust the position as desired. This microphone is conceived to pick up the gamer’s voice accurately and block the surrounding noise, thus enabling users to be heard with remarkable clarity.


Gaming Earphones ESG1: take your video games wherever you go

Gaming Earphones ESG1 are in-ear design earphones aimed at gamers looking for lightweight, portable earphones delivering high-quality sound. They feature Dual Driver technology consisting of four drivers (two in each audio channel) to deliver great sound quality within a wider frequency range. They also feature two microphones: a built-in mic and an adjustable Boom Mic.

All 3 models are PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and smartphone compatible.

Do you still want more? Take a look at our website and prepare your gaming sessions before anyone else

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