September is one of our favourite months, not only because we got back to our daily routine after weeks of sun and sand, but also because we flew to Berlin to present the new products we’re launching at IFA. Last year we had a stand focused on Voice Assistant devices. The stand mainly consisted of earphones and headphones and was a space where colour and sound merged perfectly. This year we took your opinions and wishes for new product ranges on board. We thus went back to Berlin to present our most awaited products: the new Energy Sistem Gaming product range.

New earphones/headphones specifically aimed at gamers

This year’s highlight has been the presentation of the new gaming brand under the umbrella of Energy Sistem. From now on, the company’s communications, website, and points of sale will not only incorporate the different loudspeakers, headphones and sound towers that you already know but also its new gaming headphones and loudspeakers. Nowadays, the video game industry is the fastest-growing sector in the market.  As audio experts, we feel the need to explore this field with our designs.

These are the new earphones/ headphones that you will find on our website:

  • ESG 1 Dual Driver Earphones: These in-ear design earphones combine the best of portability with the immersion of Dual Driver technology. This way, you will be able to hear all the game sounds, wherever you are.
  • ESG 2 Laser Headphones: Create the perfect environment for every game with these headphones’ built-in red LED. Communicate with other players thanks to the omnidirectional boom microphone.
  • ESG 5 Shock Headphones: Experience vibration with Sound Vibration technology. Add a touch of light to your gaming set with the headphones built-in LEDs.

In-ear design earphones to enjoy HD sound

Another product presented in Berlin was our new in-ear design earphones:  Earphones Smart 2 Type C. This device includes one of the most demanded features in recent months. These are the company’s first earphones featuring a USB Type-C connection, as well as a built-in digital converter for high definition sound. All this in a pocket-sized headset that you can take along anywhere.

A music style for every moment

The new products were presented at our IFA 2019 stand following the communication framework outlined last December: an audio model for each moment (Style, Travel, Smart, Sport, and Urban). This way, we go on creating products for specific moments of everyday life, whether they are headsets for running outdoors, or products designed to travel comfortably thanks to ANC technology that isolates external noise.

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