Make the most of your smartphone! After studying your requests, we’ve decided to launch a new model featuring one of the most demanded features. We now have the pleasure of presenting the first earphones with a USB Type-C connection for your mobile phone. There are no more excuses for not taking your music with you wherever you go.

The new Earphones Smart 2 Type C are part of the SMART headphones range. They’re known for combining the latest design trends with many technological advantages. SMART headphones and earphones are also known for their built-in Voice Assistant. This feature makes it possible to activate the voice assistant on your smartphone (iOS or Android) by simply pressing a button on the earphones. This way, you won’t need to pick up your mobile phone to use voice commands. This is the latest model of our earphones and headphones range. It is also perfect for adding a touch of techie style to your day.

In addition to having a USB Type-C connector, these earphones feature a built-in digital converter to convert your smartphone audio signal into a high-resolution signal that can be listened to through your earphones.

As most of our audio products, the new Earphones Smart 2 Type C are available in two colours: Black and White. Choose the one that best suits your style.

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