This speaker is the newest device joining our Smart Speaker range. It’s the first smart speaker to be launched with a radio alarm function and a big display. This alarm clock does not only feature Alexa virtual assistant, but also Bluetooth 5.0 and multiroom system technology to listen to music wirelessly, any time.

Enjoy 2.0 stereo sound and 10 W power with bass enhancement system. In addition, you can charge your mobile phone at night thanks to the built-in wireless charging dock on the top part (only for Qi compatible smartphones). Now you won’t have to worry about cables before going to bed.

Want to customise Alexa to your taste? Done. Personalise your speaker with the thousands of skills available at Amazon’s website. Each Smart Speaker can be customised to your taste. To get you started with Alexa, there are some basic skills that you can start using right away.

The new Smart Speaker Wake Up is now available on our website. Ready to enjoy the latest technology in your living room?

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