Whether you use a console, a smartphone or a PC, it’s a good time to try out the latest video game you bought or even rediscover some of the old favourites from your childhood/teenage years. We recommend using a pair of gaming headphones to enhance your gaming experience.

You will find hundreds of video games to keep yourself entertained at home. From adventure games like the latest Tomb Raider trilogy to the classic horror games like Resident Evil; or other classics like the next release of Final Fantasy VII Remake. There are lots of options and the best thing is… You have plenty of time to try them all out!

Below, you will find our top 5 video games for you to enjoy at home, no matter if you’re playing in online mode or solo.

The Last of Us

Final Fantasy

The Sims 4

Super Mario Odissey

League of Legends

Feel free to leave a comment with your favourite video games so that the Energy Sistem community can play at home.

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