Adopting a sustainable lifestyle is becoming more and more important; it’s not possible for human beings to consume natural resources faster than the earth is capable of producing them. In recent years the use of eco-friendly materials including natural packaging materials in sectors such as Fashion or Food has grown exponentially thanks to public awareness. If society is adopting a greener lifestyle, why not listen to music in a more sustainable way too?

Say hello to a sustainable way of listening to music

We are committed to providing you with music while using natural resources responsibly. Today we present our new ECO Audio range, consisting of two earphones made from sustainably managed wood and natural dyes.

Each product made from natural wood is unique as the wood grain pattern is naturally different.

Common beech

This tree is known for its wood quality and easy to work properties. The Speaker Eco Beech Wood housing is made from beechwood. This new Bluetooth speaker with microphone will soon be part of our eco-friendly audio range.

Common walnut or native walnut tree

This tree is grown for its wood, edible leaves and fruit, the nut. The new Earphones Eco Walnut Wood feature a walnut wood housing, a type-C connector, an in-line microphone and hands-free function.

Cherry tree

This tree is grown for its fruit, the cherry, and its hard wood. The new Earphones Eco Cherry Wood feature a cherry wood housing, hands-free function and a 3.5 mm jack connector.

Hemp and jute

The fabric cable of our new eco-friendly range is made from hemp. An excellent natural dye extracted from this plant has also been used. In addition, both models include a jute pouch with a cotton cord to carry them with you.

Regenerate natural resources to preserve nature

We use the natural resources available to manufacture our products and in exchange, we reforest one of the most important protected natural areas in Europe with the support of Bosquia.

This is just the beginning of a product range made from eco-friendly materials. Welcome Eco Audio!

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