We are living unusual times which have changed not only our way of life but also our consuming habits and the products we buy. In this post, we’ve listed the most sought-after products since the beginning of lockdown. If you don’t have them yet, you can add them to your catalogue and offer your clients the most popular solutions:


Teleworking is here to stay. Due to the time spent at home working and communicating with clients and colleagues virtually, this is the most popular product range, headphones and earphones alike. Since this type of products features a built-in microphone for answering video calls, they have become a best-seller.

In-ear headphones and True Wireless Stereo technology to wirelessly connect the earphones to a computer, smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth have gained particular prominence. The demand for headphones with noise-cancelling technology and in-ear Bluetooth or wired earphones has grown exponentially, too.

Energy Sistem earphones feature a built-in microphone. Bluetooth models also include a cable to use the headphones for a longer period of time throughout the day.

Suggested products: Headphones BT Travel 7 ANC, Earphones Sport 6 True Wireless, Headphones 2 Bluetooth, Earphones Urban 3.

Audio Gaming

Lockdown brought about a massive sale of games consoles and entertainment products, including gaming headphones. These devices are specially designed to deliver enhanced sound when playing video games. Energy Sistem ES Gaming headphones are compatible with smartphones, tablets and the main consoles on the market, a feature which turns them into one of our best-selling products.

Suggested audio gaming products: Headphones ESG 5 Shock, ESG 2 Laser, ESG 1 Dual Driver.

Home Audio

Home audio devices are a product range which has been around for quite a long time now. Nevertheless, it was during lockdown that these devices gained interest among users. We were living a hectic lifestyle until the first quarter of the year. This means we didn’t spend much time at home, so people who bought this type of product usually did so with a particular use in mind. Spending so much time at home means users have become increasingly interested in these products, which provide indoor entertainment and can even be connected to a TV to create a home cinema room.

Suggested products: Tower 8 g2, Tower 2 Style, Home Speaker 8 Lounge, Home Speaker 7 Micro Hi-Fi and Party 6.

Portable speakers

Just like the Home Audio range, Bluetooth portable speakers are very much in demand among those who want to enjoy music in a more compact format and listen to their favourite songs in their bedroom or while exercising. They are also the best option for those who want an alternative that doesn’t take up too much space.

Suggested products: Music Box 9, Urban Box 7 BassTube, Boombox 6, Fabric Box 3+ and Fabric Box Radio.

Clock Speakers and Smart Speakers

Speakers featuring an alarm clock and speakers with Amazon Alexa have received a great deal of interest in recent months. As a result of spending so much time at home, users want to streamline even the simplest of actions, like charging their smartphones. The options offered by Amazon Alexa skills have made daily life easier for many users. And clock speakers have helped them start their day differently.

Suggested products: Smart Speaker 5 Home, Smart Speaker Wake Up, Clock Speaker 3 Light, Clock Speaker 4 Wireless Charge.


This is another of the most popular ranges during the lockdown. What could be better than reading to help pass the time? E-book readers became great companions during the lockdown and they still are. They are a very convenient option for storing a large number of books in a compact format and read over the summer holidays.

Suggested products: eReader Pro 4 and eReader Max.

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