Today we present our Earphones Style 7 True Wireless, the latest addition to our wireless headphones range. Do you want to experience the real meaning of True Wireless technology? Keep reading to find out!

Qualcomm chipset for perfect sound

These Bluetooth earphones feature one of the leading chipsets on the market. This chipset, in combination with aptX technology, will make your music sound like you’re at a live concert.

An authentic experience

Buttons give way to touch control. Take control by simply sliding your finger over any earbud.

Wear the earphones to start/resume music playback. Take them off to pause music. The proximity sensor ensures you don’t miss a moment of good music, thus allowing you to resume playback where you left it.

No cables in your way

Thanks to True Wireless Stereo technology, these earphones work wirelessly. This won’t sound new to you as we’ve told you about our TWS earphones before. What’s new is that the Earphones Style 7 True Wireless charging case is Qi-compatible so you can charge its battery using a Qi-compatible charging dock.

Do I have to buy a Qi-compatible charging dock?

Some of our portable speakers like Clock Speaker 4 Wireless Charge or Smart Speaker Wake Up already include a built-in Qi-compatible charging dock. This way, you can have a two-in-one speaker and charger. However, you may also charge the case using a type-C cable.

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