Sustainable lifestyles are in fashion. The growing sustainability and environmental awareness lead society to take control of everyday life, applying new routines that strengthen our commitment to the world around us. It goes from using eco-friendly materials to reducing light and water consumption at home. Any measure you can put into practice from now on is a plus.

We know you have several guidelines in mind to start and want to help you. That’s why, we give you five tips for leading a sustainable life at home.

What green habits can I adopt at home?

Reduce, reuse and recycle

The first basic rule: the 3 Rs. Reduce daily plastic consumption at home, reuse packaging as much as possible to store food (glass containers, for example) and separate waste for recycling into the corresponding containers. Follow these 3 rules and you have half the work done!

Make the most of natural light

Spain is one of the sunniest countries with many hours of sunshine per year. Now that most of us are working from home, it’s the right time to search for the brightest spots around the house and make the most of our working experience incorporating natural light. You will notice a change in the lighting bills at the end of the month. And not only that. You will also feel more relaxed working from home.

Surround yourself with sustainable products

More and more brands are committing to sustainability. At Energy Sistem we have launched a new range consisting of eco-friendly speakers and headphones. These devices are made from different types of wood and 100% eco-friendly materials. Welcome to sustainable music with the best sound quality.

Always carry a fabric bag with you

For shopping at the supermarket or in shops as well as when visiting a friend. A tote bag like this provides you with the comfort you need to carry around up to 9 kg. And what’s more, it is made from 100% sustainable cotton.

Turn off the tap

Bear this in mind every morning when entering the bathroom. Try to turn off the tap as much as you can. This way, you will reduce your water consumption and our planet will thank you every time you wash your hands. It’s easy!