The new reality encourages people to make the most of their time at home: reading books, decorating the living room, doing squats in front of the sofa, or devouring the latest season of their favourite series. These new routines are responsible for the new gadgets we have now at home, which make our lives much easier. Now is not enough to watch TV since we want to watch TV with high-quality sound.

To do this, we recommend our Headphones BT Smart 6 Voice Assistant. These headphones feature Voice Assistant technology to use them at your convenience while spending the evening at home. This feature allows you to activate your smartphone or tablet’s voice assistant at the touch of a button. You only have to give a voice command. The headphones pick up your voice and the action will be performed directly on your smartphone.

How can I pair my headphones with the TV?

One of the outstanding features of Bluetooth headphones is the possibility of connecting them directly to your TV. However, you should check that your TV can be paired with external devices via Bluetooth. To establish the connection, you only have to access the external device settings on your TV, select “audio devices” and pair your TV with the headphones. Make sure your headphones are in Bluetooth search mode, as this is the only way for the TV and the headphones to synchronise with each other.

In just a few seconds you will have your Bluetooth headset synchronised and ready to watch series, play online games or have a movie marathon.