If you follow the latest technology trends, you know that lately everyone has been talking about TWS (True Wireless Stereo) technology. In this post we tell you what is all about, how it works and what benefits it has compared to other types of technology.

What is True Wireless Stereo?

TWS”, or “True Wireless Stereo”, is a technology that, as its name suggests, allows devices to operate completely wireless. In other words, they work without using a single cable. Thanks to this technology, you can connect two audio devices without using cables.

How does a TWS device work?

It’s quite simple. You only have to understand 3 roles:

Music player or source device: this is the device that sends the signal via Bluetooth to a second device. It’s usually a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Master device: this device receives the signal and sends it to another device.

Slave device: Receives the signal from the master device.

Let’s see an example with several products. If you’re using TWS earphones, the smartphone is the music player or source device since it sends the music to your earphones. The right earbud (in Energy Sistem devices) is the master device and the left earbud is the slave device.

If you’re using TWS speakers, the smartphone is the music player or source device, the speaker you pair via Bluetooth with the smartphone is the master device. This way, the speaker you connect through True Wireless to the master speaker is the slave device.

The master device manages 2 connections. The connection with the music player/source device and the connection with the slave device.

Differences between products with and without True Wireless technology

The main difference between a product with or without True Wireless lies in the ability to connect two devices completely wireless, without using any cables. Many Bluetooth earphones or speakers may be connected to a second unit using a cable. But when it comes to TWS technology, the connection is established wirelessly.

In terms of Wi-Fi Multiroom connection, the difference is that the True Wireless technology connects the devices via Bluetooth while Wi-Fi Multiroom needs a Wi-Fi connection to make it happen.

Energy Sistem products featuring TWS technology

At Energy Sistem you can find a broad portfolio of True Wireless products.

TWS earphones: see all Energy Sistem TWS earphones here.

TWS speakers: models such as Music Box 9 and ranges like Fabric Box, Urban Box or Beat Box as well as the Eco Speaker Beech Wood feature this technology.

Home Audio products with TWS: wall-art speakers such as Frame Speakers, or sound towers such as Tower 7 and Tower 5 g2 also feature TWS technology.