Still thinking about filling that empty space in the living room but don’t know how? We make it easy for you: fill it with music! Take a look at our Energy Sistem audio catalogue to see endless options that suit all your needs: design, size, power…

What speaker is the best for my living room?

Our sound towers are our star products when it comes to interior design. Within this speaker range you’ll find several options you’ll love, either because of the size: you can place any tower in that corner next to the sofa, or because of the design, since they are available in several colours and materials to find the one that suits best your furniture style.

This month’s featured product is the new Tower 5 g2, a 2.1 sound system featuring Bluetooth connectivity, an FM radio as well as a USB and microSD player. Perfect for never missing a beat thanks to its 65 W of power. Do you want more music power for your bedroom? You can also pair two Tower 5 g2 thanks to True Wireless Stereo technology and get twice as much power.

If you’re looking for a sound system to place on any surface, you will love our Home Speakers. These living room speakers have been created to add a decorative touch to any TV cabinet. You can choose a more compact speaker like the Home Speaker 4 Studio, or a full Hi-Fi system featuring a CD player, Bluetooth, USB MP3 player and FM radio like the Home Speaker 8 Lounge.

On the other hand, speakers featuring Amazon Alexa are one of this year’s trends. If you’re thinking of using internet all over the house, take a look at our Smart Speakers since they allow you to interact with Alexa without using your smartphone.

As you can see, there are many options to incorporate one of our speakers into your living room. Choose your favourite and press “Play”!