While out in the street, at home, alone or with friends… Life is always much better with music. We all enjoy listening to our favourite songs and radio stations whenever and wherever we are. That’s why we need a portable speaker like the Music Box BZ4+, capable of playing music and keeping up our pace wherever we go.

Portable speaker with an urban design and True Wireless connection

From USB memory sticks, 128 GB SD cards, 3.5 mm audio-in to 5.0 Bluetooth connection, True Wireless Stereo and FM radio. A complete and compact speaker with an urban design to take with you anywhere.

Twice as much power for even more fun

With 12 Watts of real power, this speaker is perfect for listening to all your favourite songs and radio stations. You can save your radio stations as presets to easily find your programmes and never miss any of them.Featuring 5.0 Bluetooth and True Wireless technology, this wireless speaker allows you to sync two speakers. You can play your music simultaneously to enjoy twice as much power whenever you want for even more fun.

The speaker that keeps up your pace

This portable urban speaker offers up to 12 hours battery life. Enjoy your music at full volume wherever you are. Battery life will no longer be an issue if you want to enjoy hours of non-stop music.

The speaker features a built-in microphone and hands-free function to answer calls while listening to music and speak without taking your phone out of your bag.

Listen to music and answer calls anywhere!