Basic guide to audio devices.

Welcome 2021. Once again we enter the world of New Year’s resolutions, plans to be fulfilled in the next 12 months, and the desire for the 31st of December to come, so we can look back and say: “Yes, this 2021 I have achieved everything I set out to do”.

To beat the January blues, we’ve prepared a basic guide to the audio devices you can add to your wish list this year. Who said that going back to normal after Christmas was boring?

Have you heard of Moments?

Before presenting the list, we have to take a look at the Moments headphones categories. Our brand architecture includes a wide range of devices specifically created to help you enjoy more certain moments in life, where music plays a key role: when you’re doing sports, on your way to the office on cold winter mornings, working from home, or when you get home and just want to watch a film on the sofa…

Each of these Moments is assigned a selection of our best headphones. Depending on the use, each pair of headphones has a specific type of technology that will help you enjoy the music you love to the fullest.
Which headphones can I buy in 2021?

The Moments headphones catalogue keeps growing every month. That’s why this year you can choose from over 60 different headphones. Out of this world, isn’t it? To make your search easier, on our website you will find a Moment list so you can directly add the model you like the most to your cart.

Below we explain which are the 5 basic technology devices you can buy this 2021:

1. Running headphones.

Getting out for a run takes the first New Year’s resolution place. January is the month to start exercising again, especially as you see your weight isn’t going down after eating so many sweets this Christmas. Start by setting yourself a simple, stress-free routine. The important thing here is that you stick to it and feel energised every week to turn physical activity into a habit. To help you achieve your goal, you can start using the Earphones Sport 2 True Wireless, sweat- and splashproof earphones with up to 20 hours of battery life.

2. Sound tower, the perfect device to enjoy TV series in the living room.

The second favourite New Year’s resolution is to finish, once and for all, that series you started a few months ago. To finish it and watch the new series coming in 2021, there’s no better solution than to provide your living room with a Tower 5 g2 which can be connected to your TV via Bluetooth, right?

3. Alarm clock with music.

Getting up early is underrated. Many see this habit of getting up early as a great advantage for planning, doing sports or simply reading the books and websites you never read after work since it’s getting late. To wake up earlier and get more time in the morning, we recommend using the Clock Speaker 4 featuring a wireless charging dock. Enjoy a fully charged mobile phone every morning.

4. Headphones for relaxing on the sofa.

Trips will have to wait for a while. In the meantime, picture yourself lying in a hammock in Bali or jumping around your favourite festival venue while resting on the sofa. Grab your Headphones BT Travel 7 ANC and make the most of your relaxing time.

5. Compact backpack speaker.

If you want to have your backpack ready for any day trip to the mountains, the Urban Box and Outdoor Box series are perfect for getting everything ready and enjoying a few hours in the open air to the beat of the music.

Which of these New Year’s tech resolutions are you going to start with?

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