Tips for effective teleworking.

All we’ve been through in 2020 has turned our lives upside down. Among the changes we have experienced, working from home as part of our daily routine is one of the most significant ones.

If you’re one of those who, day in and day out, are in front of a screen, video call after video call, these tips will spark your interest. Now working in a comfortable productive way with the best sound quality is possible with headsets featuring a microphone you can adjust according to your needs.

1. Create a space at home to work comfortably.

The best way to separate our personal and professional lives during the working day is to have our own exclusive space to work and feel comfortable.

It is essential that we have adequate light, noise and ventilation conditions. The best way of separating work tasks from home and leisure activities is to have a specific place to be quiet and at peace, where our creativity flows and our concentration increases.

2. Respect work and leisure schedules.

Not only is the “where” important, but also the “when”. We have to define and respect work and free time schedules in order to reconcile professional and private life.

When we work from home, we don’t feel we’re changing the scenery, as we share our time between work and home routines. That’s why creating a routine to separate both can be our best ally to end the working day: say goodbye to your colleagues, turn off the computer, leave your designated work space and do another activity that doesn’t require your computer or your mobile phone.

3. Don’t forget about interpersonal relationships.

Human contact is key to our well-being!

It’s important to socialise with colleagues and share successes and failures. It’s key to have a videoconference programme allowing us to communicate and empathise with the team. Establishing meeting times where we can open the camera and microphone to see each other’s faces, share any information or even have a virtual coffee is also important. To do so, a webcam and a comfortable, adjustable headset that adapts to our needs and ears are a must.

4. Security and cybersecurity, above all.

Our physical and mental well-being, as well as our equipment safety, is important to get the working formula right. We must therefore follow all the occupational health guidelines and recommendations, as well as cyber security advice to preserve our own health and protect our computers.

5. And last but not least, adapt the technology to your work.

It’s in our hands to work with tools that make our daily work easier. If you’re one of those who has a job, whether it requires working remotely or at the office, where you spend most of your time talking, you need comfortable headphones that keep up with you and withstand anything.

Have you heard of MyMomentOffice?

At Energy Sistem, we have designed an Office headset range featuring a retractable microphone for making video calls, which can be removed when not in use. The range comprises two models of office headsets featuring an adjustable and extendable headband, lightweight on-ear design and foam ear pads for hours and hours of comfort.

The Headset Office 2 Anthracite features a 3.5 mm mini jack plug, a 150 cm cable for smartphones and a 200 cm cable for computers, which offers greater freedom and flexibility for making calls. This headset is perfect for teleworking and staying connected, be it from your mobile phone or your computer.

The Headset Office 2+ Black has a 3.5 mm mini jack plug and USB adapter for making video calls from your computer with the best quality. It allows you to adjust the call volume and mute the microphone from the headset itself for greater practicality.

If you’re one of those who needs some extra motivation to work, try listening to this playlist while working.

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