A few days ago, Pantone revealed the two colours that will be colour trends this 2021. Illuminating & Ultimate Grey are the colours that, together, launch a message of strength, hope and optimism.

We love the fact that Pantone has given these colours not only a meaning, but also a message of global union to deal with all we have been through since last year. That’s why we are following this trend. In this post we will tell you all about the new Energy Sistem headphones featuring similar colours. It’s time to shine a spotlight on grey & yellow. Let’s go!

What are the Pantone colours for 2021?

Grey, in this case Ultimate Grey, is a colour that evokes feelings of strength, steadiness and reliability. An added security you can get with our Headphones BT Travel 5 ANC. The perfect choice for enjoying music without any interference thanks to the Active Noise Cancelling technology. In fact, in our Urban range you will find the new Earphones Style 3 True Wireless Space offer 20 hours of battery life and an exquisitely detailed design.

auriculares energy sistem que combinan con los colores pantone 2021

On the other hand, yellow, or Illuminating in the case of Pantone, is a colour that transmits energy, joy and dynamism. A colour that fits perfectly into the scheme of our current society, re-energised and ready to face the next steps. Earphones Urban 1 True Wireless Cab are full of vitality and one of the year’s most noteworthy launches. These earphones offer 20 hours of battery life and are perfect for everyday use.

auriculares energy sistem que combinan con los colores pantone 2021

If you want to move to the next level, Earphones Urban 4 True Wireless Vanilla feature touch functions thanks to the built-in Touch Control technology, giving you total playback control without pressing any buttons. If you prefer headsets, the Headphones 1 Yellow Mic are available in Illuminating Yellow, meaning vitality is written into their DNA. They stand out for their ergonomics and urban design, just what you need to wear them all day long.

Which ones will you choose to incorporate a touch of Pantone colour this 2021?

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