Learn all about our tree planting initiative in collaboration with Bosquia

Thank you for helping us plant our first forest.

Last summer we presented our new Eco Audio range consisting of earphones and speakers made from sustainable eco-friendly materials.

And this year we are proud to present Energy Sistem’s first forest, something you have helped to create. As we already mentioned, this project has been created to contribute to the sustainable harvesting of the sustainably managed wood used to manufacture our eco-friendly range. We can now proudly say we have turned this into a reality.

Trees have been planted in Huelva, close to the Doñana National Park. We have decided not to plant seeds but small trees to ensure effective and stronger root growth. This way, a forest made up of different native species, mainly beech and cherry trees, will grow in one of the most deforested areas of our country, thus becoming home to many protected migratory birds.

We would like to share some pictures of the first trees planted by our friends at Bosquia to reforest one of the most deforested areas in the peninsula. Below you will find a selection of photos showing the first beech and cherry trees. We will continue taking good care of them with the support of our local collaborators.

We promise to keep you up to date with our forest evolution year after year. Hopefully it will go on growing upwards and outwards.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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