There is a set of headphones for every moment, and a moment for every set of headphones

Music accompanies us throughout our lives: when we travel, do sports, while we work or study, even when we take a walk through the city showing off our style.

There’s no doubt that we all listen to music at some point of the day, or even at several. Who hasn’t needed a headset to work comfortably or sweatproof earphones ensuring optimal fit to train at the gym?

If you are one of those who can’t live without music, no matter what you do, we have the right set of headphones for you. And to optimise the audio experience with the best sound quality and enjoy music to the fullest, we have designed headphones for every moment.

For doing sports, My Sport Moment earphones

We all start the new year with good intentions and resolutions like doing more physical activity, although doing sport is a good idea at any time of the year. To do so, we need earphones that keep up our pace and provide that extra boost of energy we need to attain our goals.

Whether you prefer outdoor sports, working out at home or in the gym, choose the sports earphones that best suit you here.

Check out our Music for Sport Moments playlist on our Spotify channel. It will keep your motivation high while working out.

For travelling, My Travel Moment headphones

Whenever we travel, whether it’s by plane, bus, train or car, the most important thing is to relax, forget about distractions and focus on what really matters – enjoying music on the go.

All headphones in this range featuring Active Noise Cancelling technology make it possible. See them all here.
And don’t miss the Spotify playlist we have created to brighten up your journey.

For working from home or in the office, My Office Moment headsets

Talking and spending hours in front of the computer has become the new normal. Whether you work long hours or make video calls with your colleagues, you need the best headset for working in the office or remotely. See our recommended office headsets here.

What’s more, we have created a Spotify playlist to lighten up your working day, increase your productivity and get your creativity flowing.

For being trendy, My Style Moment headphones

Wearing the latest fashion trends makes us feel good about ourselves. Colours, materials, shapes… So why not choose a set of trendy headphones to match our outfit perfectly?

We help you dress your ears in the best colours and sounds. Check out our Style range here.

Combine your “trendy” style with the songs we have selected for you on this Spotify playlist.

For urbanites like you, My Urban Moment headphones

Who doesn’t like to listen to music when leaving the house? Enjoying music through urban design earphones that keep up your pace when moving around the city is now possible. Choose the set you would like to wear in your daily life from the following options.

Enjoy the best urban tunes on our Spotify playlist and put a soundtrack to your day when crossing the city.

For techies, My Smart Moment headphones

Can you imagine being able to talk for hours without grabbing your mobile phone? And being able to check all the information you need while listening to music?

Smart headphones with built-in Voice Assistant technology allow you to activate the voice assistant on your smartphone or tablet at the touch of a button. Learn how these smart headphones make your life easier.

Enjoy your Smart moment with this Spotify playlist specially created to bring out your best side.

For all types of gamers, My Gaming Moment headphones

After a hard day’s work, many of us look forward to going home and enjoying our Gaming moment.
A game to lose ourselves in and forget about the world. That’s why it’s best to have some gaming headphones designed specially to provide the best sound quality when gaming.

If you want to liven up your gaming environment to dive into the action even more, check out our Music for Gaming Moments playlist on our Spotify channel.

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