Outdoor sports have become one of the most popular forms of entertainment in recent months. The global pandemic has pushed all of us to go outside for a run, do CrossFit in the open air or enjoy a yoga or Pilates session in the garden. For these activities, it’s important to have the right weatherproof equipment.

You’ve probably thought about going for a run on a Saturday, but halfway through it started raining. As well as wearing the right running shoes and waterproof clothing, we recommend using waterproof wireless earphones since they won’t get damaged in the rain.

IPX7 Certification

Our Earphones Sport 6 True Wireless are IPX7 certified. This means you can submerge them under water for up to 30 minutes. Now you can train outdoors without worrying they’ll be ruined if it starts to rain. They are both sweat- and waterproof. You can clean them with water after every workout.


Wireless earphones to let anything stand in your way

In addition to the above-mentioned feature, these Sport 6 True Wireless earphones feature a completely wireless design. The built-in Easy Connect function makes it possible for both earbuds to connect automatically. Simply remove them from their charging case and they will connect to your mobile phone, provided you’ve previously paired the devices via Bluetooth. The charging case gives you up to 15 hours of battery life, in addition to the 5-hour battery life of each earbud. Perfect for listening to music all day long!

Fastening system to prevent your earphones from falling out

The Secure-Fit+ system of the waterproof Sport 6 wireless earphones is designed to provide users with the perfect ear fit as well as a discreet look. This way you can run and jump without worrying about the earphones falling to the ground.


Running playlists

And to keep you motivated, these earphones come with a gift you’ll love. The Energy Sistem team has created a Spotify playlist for each type of headphones. You can access for instance the playlist created specifically to concentrate at work by means of Active Noise Cancelling technology. Or you can get your heart pumping with the playlist created specifically to keep your motivation high while playing sports.

Simply follow each playlist to save it to your profile. You can log in later and discover the new songs added to each playlist catalogue.

Are you ready to give it your all in your next workout? Find out more about the waterproof Sport 6 True Wireless earphones on our website and give your next training session some rhythm.

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