Every gamer is unique, as is every game. That’s why it’s important to choose the gaming headset best suited to your needs from among the different options. Energy Sistem offers four gaming headset models, allowing you to pick the one best suited to your favourite video games or any other use you have in mind.

Gaming Headset ESG 6 True Wireless

Do you play FIFA 21 as if you were out on the pitch? If you’re an effusive gamer who ends up moving around the room while the game is in progress, then you need a wireless headset. No more problems! Energy Sistem’s Gaming Headset ESG 6 True Wireless lets you play with total freedom of movement.


And its Dual Driver technology means you’ll never miss a single detail in your gameplay. Your teammates will also be able to hear you better thanks to the 2 MEMS microphones built into this gaming headset.

Gaming Headset 1 Dual Driver

You’ve got the gaming spirit in your blood and you like to play anywhere and on any device, whether it’s your Nintendo Switch or your smartphone. That’s why you need a gaming headset that’s easy to store. The Gaming Headset ESG 1 Dual Driver is ideal as it takes up very little space and can be taken with you wherever you go.


Its Dual Driver technology offers a vibrant, clear sound, so you can hear every detail of the game. The cord with volume control means you can adjust the sound of the game without taking your eyes off the screen. Don’t let anything stop you from gaming!

Gaming Headset ESG 5 Shock

You’re totally immersed in the game and don’t want anything to distract you. You want to feel everything that’s going on around you, with maximum concentration… You’re competing for the win! If you play Phasmophobia or love shooting games such as Call of Duty: Warzone, Valorant, or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, then the vibrations of our Gaming Headset ES5 Shock will be an added bonus in your gaming experience.


Gaming Headset ESG 2 Laser

Do you stream live on Twitch or upload videos to YouTube? Then this is the gaming headset for you! The ESG 2 Laser is the perfect buddy for anybody who believes in the importance of presentation and likes to share gameplays with followers. The ideal complement for League of Legends, Minecraft, Fortnite, and all the videogames your community loves.


Its red LED creates a spectacular atmosphere when streaming, and you can also adjust the sound using the built-in volume control to make sure you are heard with absolute clarity. Its ergonomic headband will ensure total comfort during your live events.

If you already know which ones suit you best, then simply drop by our website and add them to your cart!

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