If you are passionate about music and sport and enjoy cycling around town or in the mountains, then you’ve probably wished more than once that you could take some speakers with you. There’s nothing better than playing your favourite songs while taking exercise, inspiring and motivating you to give it all you’ve got. Read on and we’ll tell you which Bluetooth speakers you can choose to listen to music and ride your bike at the same time.

Bluetooth speakers, perfect for cycling

Outdoor Box Bike

Bluetooth speaker with its own accessories, perfect for enjoying your music while out riding your bike. The Outdoor Box Bike is also water-resistant and shockproof, ideal to take with you whatever the weather.

The Outdoor Box Bike also comes with a flashlight should nightfall catch you out riding.

Urban Box 5+ Space

A speaker that combines music, style and functionality. With Bluetooth 5.0, TWS technology, MP3 player, FM radio and 20 W of power, it’s perfectly sized to fit in your bike’s bottle cage. That’s why the Urban Box 5+ is the ideal companion if you’re looking for something functional to take with you everywhere you go.

Outdoor Bluetooth speakers, essential when out on an adventure

And it’s not just cycling! If you are passionate about outdoor activities such as hiking, skateboarding, free running, climbing, etc., take note of these 3 Bluetooth speakers to accompany you on your adventure.

Outdoor Box Beast

A 60 W power beast to listen to music, offering exceptional sound quality in any situation. This wireless speaker is also splash- and shockproof.

Able to withstand any situation or adventure, its 14-hour battery also means you can play your music non-stop.

Outdoor Box Shower

From a shower to a waterfall, a splashproof Bluetooth speaker that’s perfect whether at home or out on an adventure.

Its 5 W of power and its compact size make it perfect to carry around without any hassle, whether in a backpack or in your pocket, or hooked onto something else.

Outdoor Box Street

If the street is your territory, you can conquer any part of town with this splash- and shockproof Bluetooth speaker. The Outdoor Box Street is also has a built-in flashlight and Power Bank function.

Its 50 W of power means you can take your tunes with you and enjoy exceptional sound quality.

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