If you’re looking for your perfect Bluetooth headphones, there are a few things to consider before deciding. Your choice of Bluetooth headphones will depend on your lifestyle, how you’re going to use them, and if are going to take them with you everywhere you go. There are so many types to choose from! In fact, headphones are one of the biggest selling audio products.

Follow these simple tips to choose the right wireless headphones for your needs and lifestyle.

3 tips to choose the best Bluetooth headphones


Large headband headphones are very different from portable or in-ear headphones. Making the right choice involves thinking about what you need.

Over-ear or large Bluetooth headband headphones are those that cover the whole ear. These ensure a more immersive listening experience. That’s why they are among the most used not only by music professionals, but also by anyone looking for exceptional sound quality.

On-ear Bluetooth headphones are those that are placed on the ears, meaning they are slightly smaller in size and more lightweight. Many of them can be folded, making them easy to carry around in a backpack or handbag.

In-ear Bluetooth headphones are those that are inserted in the ear. They can be stored anywhere, making them perfect when doing sport or going out for a walk.


What are you going to use those wireless headphones you’re thinking of buying for? Depending on what you’re going to use them for, you can find the ideal Bluetooth headphones for doing sport and exercise and to enjoy your tunes while out and about, relaxing at home or on your trips.

  • Gaming Moments: If you are one of those people who immerse themselves in their gaming as soon as they get home, you need headphones with low latency and perfect synchronisation of sound and image.
  • Sport Moments: The main thing when doing sport and exercise with headphones is that they have good ergonomics and a lightweight design. And, very importantly, that they offer good protection from sweat and splashes.



  • Urban Moments: If you can’t leave home without music and need wireless headphones for everyday use, choose comfortable headphones with good battery life and a microphone.


  • Style Moments: For those who need Bluetooth headphones as an accessory, not only to listen to music but also to match their outfit. Choose those with a design you feel comfortable with.


  • Smart Moments: If you’re a techie, you need wireless headphones with Voice Assistant, allowing you to answer calls with your phone in your pocket, set alarms and alerts, and a myriad of options that a voice assistant can offer.

Open or closed headphones

This is one of the most common questions when buying wireless headphones. Open headphones are designed to allow outside noise to be heard. Closed headphones, in contrast, have the advantage of completely isolating you from the outside world. In this case, you won’t hear anyone and nobody will hear what you’re listening to.

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