Long team meetings, calls to clients, group video calls, calls with your boss, colleagues, family… You could use your computer microphone and speaker, but we all know that this is far from ideal if you are in the office or working from home.

Most computer microphones do not have the quality necessary to make decent video calls. Besides, there’s nothing more annoying than callers not hearing you properly.

In short, if you make a lot of video calls, you’ll need a comfortable headset with a built-in microphone. So here is a selection of Bluetooth and wired headsets for you to find the model you need.

Wired headset for working in the office and from home

Headset Office 2 Anthracite

Part of the Office range, this headset with built-in microphone is specially designed for working in the office or from home. Its 3.5 mm mini jack plug lets you connect to a smartphone or computer and enjoy great audio and mic quality.

The retractable microphone can also be stowed away to make working more comfortable when you’re not making a call.

Headset Office 2+ Black

As with the previous model, this headset is designed specifically for office environments or working from home, and also features an adjustable, extendable headband, lightweight on-ear design, and foam ear pads for hours of comfort. In this model, the cord comes with a controller to adjust call volume and mute the microphone when you don’t need it.


It features two types of connections –3.5 mm mini jack and USB– so you can choose to enjoy top-quality audio whatever the situation.

Bluetooth headphones for working in the office and from home

Earphones Style 7 True Wireless Navy

Wireless earphones with True Wireless Stereo technology and Bluetooth 5.0, which ensure a hassle-free working day thanks to their 21 hours of battery life (6 hours every time you charge the earphones and 15 additional hours using the charging case).


Plus, their dual MEMS microphone provides perfect voice pickup for your stereo calls.

Headphones 7 Bluetooth ANC

Whenever there is ambient noise in the office or at home that keeps you from hearing a video call properly, then you need these wireless headphones with Active Noise Cancelling to reduce outside noise and enjoy pure sound. And with up to 100 hours’ battery life, you can wear them all day without worrying about charging.

Headphones 2 Bluetooth

Headphones 2 Bluetooth Beige are perfect for anyone looking for wireless headphones covering the whole ear, offering a greater sense of isolation and a surprising level of comfort.


There is also the option of connecting them directly to the device with the cable supplied.

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