If you want to keep your gaming keyboard in tip-top condition, then you’re in the right place, as we’re going to explain how to clean a mechanical keyboard in 4 easy steps.

Before getting down to business, let’s go over what we need:

  1. Rubbing alcohol
  2. Toothbrush
  3. Microfibre cloth

So now we have all the materials, we can get on with cleaning the gaming keyboard.

Steps to clean your gaming keyboard

Step one: clean the surface

To remove looser dirt, try turning the mechanical keyboard upside down and lightly banging the back with the palm of your hand. This will remove the most superficial dirt and any dirt stuck between the keys.
This first step can be used for routine cleaning from time to time, to prevent dirt from building up and causing failures in the device.

Step two: remove all the keys

Most gaming keyboards, including those from Energy Sistem, let you remove the keys. This can be done by simply holding each key by the sides and gently pulling it upwards.

We recommend taking a photo of the mechanical keyboard before removing the keys, even if you know exactly where they go. This will make putting them back much easier, and will prevent any mistakes once we have cleaned our gaming keyboard.

Step three: clean the keyboard

Once all the keys have been removed, clean them one by one with rubbing alcohol. This is the only product that will ensure the plastic covering the keys is not damaged. We could also use sanitary alcohol, but this could damage the plastic if not applied carefully.

Fold the cloth several times, dampen it with alcohol, and use it to wipe the surface of the keyboard, focusing on the spaces between the keys. Then wipe the cloth over the plastic covering each key.

Step four: put it back together

Once the base of the mechanical keyboard and each of its keys have been cleaned, it’s time to put them back in place.

The procedure is very simple: gently push the key back in but without forcing it, just like when removing. Remember to refer to the photograph we recommended taking beforehand, to make sure each key is put back in the right place.

How often should a mechanical keyboard be cleaned?

Thorough cleaning will leave our mechanical keyboard as good as new, but we should remember to repeat the process on a regular basis. It is important to set a date for preventive cleaning from time to time.


How often we clean will depend largely on how we use our gaming setup. If we eat while using the keyboard, then it should be cleaned every month; however, once every 6 months is enough if all we do is type, play or work.

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