The gaming mouse pad is the peripheral that can make all the difference in your games, as its quality and characteristics will determine the precision and agility of the mouse movements. And also your chance of victory! So how to choose the best gaming mouse mat? Read on, as we are going to detail all the things to bear in mind.

XL mouse pads?

Gaming mouse pads come in different sizes: standard, medium and large, which are known as XL pads. XL pads are the ones most gamers prefer, because they offer the room necessary not only for the mouse but also all the other peripherals.

The game itself must also be taken into account, since the mouse is always moving and can come off the mat and lose stability and precision if it is not large enough. The way each gamer plays also has an effect. Are you one of those who play with the mouse diagonally, or who change the position of the keyboard? The more space the mouse pad has, the less you have to worry about. And your wrists will suffer less: they will rest better than if you have to place them on the table.

A good size could be 800 x 300 mm, which you can find in ES Gaming’s Gaming Mouse Pads, as they guarantee an optimal gaming experience.


What would be a good thickness? For example, ES Gaming mouse pads are 4 mm thick, thus ensuring precise mouse movements. Moreover, the mouse mat lasts longer and withstands our long days of gaming without any problems.

In the end, it all depends on the way you hold the mouse and the way each gamer plays. Are you one of those who supports and exerts pressure, or one who flies over the mat?

The surface, anti-slip and waterproof

It is very important to choose an anti-slip rubber surface for our gaming mouse pad. This will ensure we don’t lose any precision during the game, since this type of material retains the movement of the mouse. Also note the seams: they should always be reinforced to prevent wear over time.


It should also be splashproof. How often do we drink and eat in the middle of a game? Not having a waterproof gaming mouse pad can be a serious problem. Plus, we’ll spoil it in no time. How do I know if the pad is waterproof? Any liquid splashing on it forms droplets that can be easily wiped off. Give it a try!


Should I choose a gaming mouse mat with a USB port?

This can be a very good option, as it allows you to gain an extra connection. Even more so considering that connecting the mouse pad to the PC means we are already losing a computer port. Being able to connect your devices to the mouse pad itself and have them at hand to download data truly is a luxury.

Do you play or stream using MAC devices? Then you will know that USB ports are usually placed just behind the PC screen, and are quite far away from the gaming area. Gaming mouse pads with a USB port solve this problem for you. You have the connection at your fingertips!

LED lighting puts you inside the game

Your gaming setup deserves good lighting. You have to give the game some atmosphere! Are you one of those who prefer fixed colours to adapt them to the aesthetics of your setup? Or are you more into rainbow effects with changing tones? Better choose a gaming pad with all the options!


Do you know ES Gaming’s Gaming Mouse Pads?


  • Anti-slip waterproof material. So easy to clean!
  • XL size
  • Optimal thickness and material composition for precise mouse movements. It is very hard-wearing, so you will not lose this feeling of comfort over time
  • Reinforced stitching around the edges to prevent wear and tear over prolonged use
  • Multiple lighting options. Lots of fixed colours and option of rainbow effect
  • USB port built into the pad, ready to connect your devices.


  • Anti-slip waterproof material
  • XL size
  • Optimal thickness to get the most out of your mouse, and durable materials that offer great comfort
  • Reinforced stitching around the edges to prevent wear and tear over prolonged use

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