If you want to enjoy some great sessions with your favourite game, you wear glasses (either for eyesight or gaming), and you are looking for a unique sound experience but don’t know which accessory can make the game more comfortable, then you probably need a gaming headset.

Can the gaming headphones be uncomfortable for people who wear glasses? They can be, depending on the type of glasses and the type of headset. Today we are going to give people with glasses some tips on how to choose a good gaming headset, allowing them to play long games without any problem and enjoy a unique sound experience.

What should you consider when buying a gaming headset if you wear glasses?


Ergonomics is key, since a good gaming headset must adapt perfectly to our ear, with an adjustable or flexible headband that allows optimal pressure.


If you wear glasses, we recommend lightweight headsets. The good thing is that most headphones for gaming today are pretty light, so it’s not a problem, but it’s always good to keep this in mind.


The ear pads play a key role here, as cushions that are too hard can become uncomfortable, while cushions that are too rubbery will cause the headphones to fall off and not stay in place.

If they have a headband, it is important that it is padded at the top. Preferably it will use soft material, as it will be in contact with the top of the head. This will allow you to go through long gaming sessions without any problems.


Quality of construction and the materials used are also aspects to take into account, not so much to help with glasses, but rather because of their durability.


What would headphones for gaming be without good sound? Good sound should never be overlooked in this type of accessory.

Gaming headsets perfect for people with glasses

At Energy Sistem we have gaming headphones for people with glasses. If you wear glasses, you won’t feel any discomfort, whether they are for eyesight or for gaming. You can use them to play games, watch movies, listen to music, talk on Discord with friends…

Gaming Earphones ESG 6 True Wireless

True Wireless earphones designed for gamers. Low latency, perfect synchronisation of sound and image. Dual Driver Technology for an extensive, detailed sound stage. Dual MEMS microphone and built-in LED.


Gaming Headset  ESG 1 Dual Driver

Dual Driver Technology for an extensive, detailed sound stage. Ready for you to play anywhere without any loss of sound quality.


Gaming Headset  ESG 5 Shock

Gaming headphones with built-in vibration and blue LEDs. Its adjustable headband and breathable ear pads are designed for long gaming sessions. The omnidirectional Boom Mic allows you to communicate without any problems.


Gaming Headset ESG 2 Laser

Gaming headphones with red LED for a spectacular atmosphere in every game. Omnidirectional Boom Mic and built-in volume control to hear and be heard with maximum clarity. Ergonomic headband for total comfort.

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