How we all love music at home! It accompanies us throughout the day. When we are relaxing on the sofa, with a good book and a cup of coffee, or chatting and enjoying our free time with friends or family. Or while we are doing sport or exercise. And even when we are cleaning! Music turns every room into a home. Are you one of those who have a tower in every corner of the house? If you have several Energy Sistem tower speakers set up at home, let us tell you how to pair them in order to double their power and enjoy your music to the full.

How to pair two 5 g2 tower speakers

If you have several 5 g2 tower speakers at home, whether the Ebony or Ivory model, then it’s easy to fill your living room with all the power you want. Double the fun! True Wireless Stereo technology lets us wirelessly pair two tower speakers at the same time, doubling their individual 65 W power.

This pairing works up to 20 metres, creating a stereo system by separating the left and right channels. The first step when pairing the two 5 g2 tower speakers is to connect your smartphone or Bluetooth player to one of them. Once paired, place the floorstanding speaker to the left of the living room or bedroom. This tower will be the stereo system’s left channel.


Then turn on the second tower. Press and hold the Play/Pause button on the top of both towers for 2 seconds. Two icons with the letters “L” and “R” will start blinking on the LED screen. This indicates that both towers are in search mode. And your floorstanding speakers will be paired in just a few seconds! You will hear a confirmation beep and the “L” and “R” icons will remain static to show that pairing was successful.

Easy, right? When you have finished listening to your music and want to disable the TWS function, simply press and hold the Play/Pause button for two seconds, just like before. But this time you only need to do it in one of the towers, unpairing them without any hassle. You will hear a confirmation beep again, indicating that they have unpaired.

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Conecta dos Tower 7 True Wireless

You can also double the power of your music with the Tower 7 True Wireless, a Bluetooth 5.0 tower speaker that comes with 2 full-range 20 W speakers and a 50 W subwoofer.

It is a tower designed to ensure that every sound resonates and you can appreciate all the minor details of your favourite songs. Imagine having two of them paired at the same time! TWS lets you wirelessly pair two Tower 7 speakers up to 10 metres. As with the Tower 5 g2, this means you can increase the power and create a stereo system by separating the left and right channels.


To pair the two tower speakers, start by turning on both devices. The controls are found on the top of the tower. The second step is to enable Bluetooth mode and press the TWS connection button on each of the towers. The L/R indicators on the LED screen will blink alternately, indicating that pairing is in progress. When the two devices finish pairing, you will hear a confirmation beep and the L/R indicators will remain static.

You can now play your favourite tracks synced in both floorstanding speakers. You will be amazed by the sound! The TWS connection can be disabled by simply holding the TWS connection button down again.

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If you have two Tower 8 g2 at home, you can also pair them even if they do not have TWS. These towers have an analogue RCA output. Simply connect the main tower OUTPUT to the secondary tower INPUT via a stereo RCA male – RCA male cable. For further information, see the online user guide here.

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