Music is the best instrument for children’s enjoyment, learning and development. It accompanies us from a very young age, and provides the soundtrack to the best moments of our lives. If you have small children at home, then you will know just how much they love to dance and repeat the chorus over and over. And learning song lyrics helps them to develop their language skills, even in foreign languages!

The benefits of music for children encompass many aspects of well-being: motor development and coordination, memory stimulation, language, body language, social relations, concentration…

Music takes them through a multitude of stimuli that are psychologically beneficial. So let’s get our kids singing and dancing! Take note of the best kids’ music and the perfect children’s songs to learn while having fun. Let’s get the party started!

Baby Shark Dance

I Like To Move It – Madagascar 2 BSO

ABC Song

Six Little Ducks

I’m a Little Teapot

Hokey Pokey

Wheels on the Bus

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