This end of the year 2021 is loaded with premieres of TV series, new seasons of some of our favorites, and some other surprises. There is something for everyone: action, drama, comedy, fantasy… It’s going to be an exciting Autumn and Winter! Get ready to be glued to the sofa enjoying new characters and stories. Take note of some of the most anticipated TV series of the last months of the year.

Money Heist

Where: Netflix

When: September 3

Season: 5 (Part 2 coming in December 2021)


Where: Netflix

When: September 10

Season: 6 (final season)

Secrets from a marriage

Where: HBO

When: September 12 2021

Season: 1 (limited series)


Where: Apple TV+

When: October 22 2021

Season: 1


Where: Disney +

When: November 24

Season: 1

The Witcher

Where: Netflix

When: December 17

Season: 2

Other TV series arriving in December

‘The Book of Boba Fett‘ (Disney +), for which we still do not have a trailer, brings back one of the most beloved characters in the Star Wars saga: Boba Fett. We already know that this first season, with Temura Morrison as the legendary bounty hunter, will follow the timeline of the third season of The Mandalorian, but little else we know about the plot. Only, Boba is now the crowned king of Tatooine and there is plenty of action ahead of us.

Cobra Kai (Netflix) will return in December with its fourth season, in which we will see Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence join forces to stop Sensei Kresse, who has taken over the Valley. Can these eternal rivals finally work together, and even become friends?

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