The most demanding games need a mouse that’s up to the task. The new Gaming Mouse ESG M5 Triforce provides optimal comfort for your next master moves. Here are the main features you can customise so your new gaming mouse suits your gaming style.

How to customise your ESG M5 Mouse

One of the main customisable features of this new gaming mouse is its interchangeable mechanical side plates for 8, 10 and 15-button configurations. Select the ESG M5 Mouse side plate you prefer according to your convenience. The buttons are totally customisable to suit your gaming style. What’s more, you can adjust the DPI of your mouse to get the precision you need to win the next battle.


Another essential feature of the ESG M5 gaming mouse consists in choosing the weight that best suits your hand for optimal comfort. Now you can switch between three metal weights for up to 4 different configurations: From 110.5 grams (no weight) up to 122.5 (all three weights), ideal for every gaming style and situation; lighter for FPS or heavier for MMO games. You choose!

The third major feature of this new gaming mice is the customisable RGB LEDs. You can choose from 10 different light effects. Each of them is perfect for different gaming moments.

Customisable software

The new ESG M5 Mouse features a software that can be downloaded from our website so you can customise all the options to your liking. Once you have downloaded the software to your computer, install it and then open the customisation window where you can: create profiles with different settings (and therefore have different configurations depending on the game you want to play); configure the buttons (assign an action to each button so you can access it much more quickly while gaming); configure the fire button, which is essential for FPS games, so you can adjust the click interval for each shooting round.

As you can see, the new ESG M5 Mouse offers endless customisation possibilities. You just have to adjust the mouse to your gaming style and run the game. Ready?

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