Who doesn’t love to binge-watching the best horror movies around Halloween? It is the perfect time to rescue great classics of the genre, and also new productions that make us lose sleep at night. Imagine it: you (alone or in company), a comfortable sofa, a warm blanket, the lights off, some candles lit, and a good sound tower that turns the movie into something even more terrifying … What a plan!

What are the best horror movies in film history?

We know that there are many subgenres in horror movies. Some people like movies of paranormal activities, possessions, and evil spirits. Others prefer psychological terror, and other lovers of the genre are big fans of zombie movies. Serial killers also have their audience. It is a matter of taste! And so that you have a choice, take note of this list of the best horror movies for Halloween that we have selected at Energy Sistem.

Surely we are missing some, or you have a different list. Tell us your favorites in the comments of this post!

‘The Exorcist’, 1973

‘The Shining’, 1980

‘Halloween’ (1978)

‘Psycho’, 1960

‘The Omen’, 1976

‘The Changeling’, 1980

‘Night of the Living Dead’, 1968

‘Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens’, 1922

‘Evil Dead’, 1981

‘Hereditary’ (2018)

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