This warranty is valid within the territories of all European Union Member States and Member States of the European Economic Area. For other countries please refer to the specific legislation or your local distributor.

36-months warranty

Energy Sistem Technology, S.A. is liable for any lack of conformity that exists at the time the goods are purchased during a period of 36 months. Within 36 months following the date of purchase by the final user, pursuant to the Spanish Royal Decree-Law 1/2007, Energy Sistem Technology, S.A. (hereinafter "Energy Sistem) shall be liable for any lack of conformity existing at the time goods were delivered and within the warranty period under the terms and conditions set by the abovementioned decree-law, covering sole and exclusively its own brand products. This 36 month warranty also includes the original accessories, being understood as such all the components included in the original box.

Batteries are excluded from the 36-month warranty, having a warranty period of 24 months.

In the event of the goods not being in conformity with the contract, and upon delivery of the receipt or invoice, the client is entitled to get the goods repaired or replaced, to obtain a price reduction or to terminate the contract, pursuant to the abovementioned decree-law.

This warranty shall not apply if the defect has been caused by the buyer and/or any third party due to accidents, misuse, incorrect use or installation that fails to comply with manual instructions or by any other cause unrelated to manufacturing or material defects, such as the normal wear and tear of the battery, cosmetic damage (scratches, fractures), third party software, contact with liquids or fire, malfunctions resulting from an Act of God, as well as modifications or repair works performed by an unauthorized person.

Warranty management involves the product repair and, in the event of this not being possible, the replacement of any product, piece or component that malfunctions due to a manufacturing defect. Replaced or defective parts as well as replaced goods will be kept by Energy Sistem. The appropriate works to carry out this activity shall always be performed at the facilities authorized by Energy Sistem.

As far as possible, the client will send the device to Energy Sistem's Technical Service in its original box and with the accessories included at the time of the purchase. Please do not include further accessories nor external means (pendrive, SD / SIM cards, etc.) unless express request fromTechnical Service. Energy Sistem shall not be liable for replacing the accessories or means sent without prior authorization.

Energy Sistem cannot ensure that the goods covered by this warranty will be repaired or replaced without risk of data loss. Therefore, Energy Sistem shall be held harmless from any mentioned loss.

We recommend to make a backup of the important data in order to avoid data loss as well as to send the good with an empty memory or after restoring the original default settings as far as possible.

The replacement or repair of the product does not extend the initial warranty period, although the time required for the replacement or repair of the products is not taken into account when calculating the warranty period.

While the repair is being performed, the client will not be entitled to claim for damages during the period of time in which the product has been out of service.

Replacement during the first 15 days

If within 15 days after the purchase, the product has a manufacturing defect, Energy Sistem will replace the product with a completely new unit of the same item. If for reasons of stock it is not possible to replace the faulty item with a new one of the same kind, this one would be replaced with an item of equal or higher performance than the original product. This procedure will not incur any type of expenses for the end user.


Energy Sistem provides customer service for its clients, which may be requested by e-mail or telephone. There is also a FAQ list available in the support section of the official website.

Updated contact information may be found in: https://www.energysistem.com/de/company/contact

Out of warranty repairs

For those cases in which the warranty period of 36 months is already over, the products failure is not covered by this warranty or the client has no invoice or ticket of the purchase, Energy Sistem offers to its clients the possibility of repairing the product out of warranty.

Energy Sistem cannot ensure the goods will be repaired or replaced without risk of data loss. Therefore, Energy Sistem shall be held harmless from any mentioned loss.

We recommend to make a backup of the important data in order to avoid data loss and send the good with an empty memory or after restoring the original default settings as far as possible.

Repairs performed by the authorized technical service shall have a warranty period of 6 months upon delivery of the repaired or replaced good. Used parts shall also have a warranty period of 6 months.

Out of warranty repairs imply that all management expenses are charged to the customer, including collection and shipping costs. Energy Sistem shall develop a repair estimate, which will be free of cost if accepted. In the event this estimate is not accepted, repair works will be cancelled, and as a result the client shall pay at his own expense all costs for the development of this estimate and any shipping costs resulting from it. The client may request the good to be returned by his own means, provided that the method of return is duly notified to Energy Sistem.

Estimate price: 7,50 + shipping costs.

30 days after sending the notice of the estimate, Energy Sistem will charge 2 euros per day for storage costs until repairing costs are satisfied.

In the event of failure to satisfy the abovementioned payments, the good will become property of Energy Sistem once the period of time established by law is over.

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