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Clock Speaker 3 Light

Wake up every day with ambient light to your favourite music
Speaker with radio alarm function and gradually increasing light to wake up naturally before the alarm or your favourite radio station sounds. Play music via Bluetooth. Decorate your bedside table thanks to the multicoloured RGB LEDs with touch control.
a 8 w speaker with radio alarm function and ambient light
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Waking up naturally

Getting out of bed in the morning can be a much more pleasant experience thanks to this speaker with radio-alarm function. The built-in multicoloured RGB LED lights brighten gradually, thus simulating the sunrise. This way, your body wakes up naturally while you listen to your favourite music.
Waking up naturally

The best sound ever

This speaker not only decorates your bedside table with ambient light but also plays your favourite music via Bluetooth or a 3.5 mm jack. Enjoy crystal clear, high-quality sound with 8 W power.
The best sound ever
In tune with you

In tune with you

Why choose when you can have it all? Wake up to a standard alarm or your favourite radio station. Use the FM radio function to select your favourite radio station and set up two different alarms on this speaker with radio alarm function.
In tune with you

Time to shine… Keep everything under control!

Discover its built-in RGB LED technology and choose the light colour you like best thanks to the Touch Control feature. Just tap on the top part of the device and choose from 3 modes: white, colour or rainbow.
Time to shine… Keep everything under control!
  • Speaker with radio alarm function and multicoloured RGB LED lights.
  • 8 W sound system for crystal clear, high-quality sound.
  • 3 light modes (white, colour and rainbow) with touch control.
  • Wake-Up Light: the light intensity increases gradually before the alarm sounds.
  • Enjoy your favourite stations thanks to the built-in FM radio.
  • Dual alarm: set two alarms separately.
  • You can wake up to the standard alarm or listening to your favourite radio station.
  • Don’t fall asleep if there is a power cut thanks to the built-in battery.
  • Bluetooth technology to connect your music player and listen to your favourite songs with the convenience of wireless playback.
  • Furthermore, you can plug a music player into the 3.5 mm jack audio-in and enjoy your music.
  • Snooze function and alarm repetition every 5 minutes.
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