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Clock Speaker 4 Wireless Charge

Clock speaker, FM radio and wireless charger to wake up full of energy
All-in-one clock speaker with 5 alarm sounds including FM radio and external storage units. Bluetooth technology, USB or microSD MP3 playback and wireless charging system. A speaker with everything you need.
a speaker with radio alarm function and wireless charger
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Recharge your batteries

Qi wireless charger and Bluetooth 5.0 to charge your smartphone while you sleep or listen to your favourite songs easily thanks to wireless playback.
Recharge your batteries

Waking up with music is much better

Wake up to your own beat in the morning. Choose between five different sounds including FM radio or USB/microSD and set up to two alarms separately. Snooze function to repeat the alarm every five minutes.
Waking up with music is much better
Connect with everything you need

Connect with everything you need

This speaker with radio alarm function has all the connectivity you need day and night: Bluetooth, FM radio, MP3 playback from USB sticks or microSD cards and wireless charging system. A device with everything you need.
Connect with everything you need

Wake up better

A 2.0 stereo sound with bass enhancement system and double passive membrane providing 10 W power to listen to your music or your favourite radio stations. The 2000 mAh battery lets you take the speaker anywhere at home to listen to music for hours on end.
Wake up better
  • Speaker with radio alarm function, wireless charging and all the connectivity you need.
  • 2.0 stereo sound, 10 W power and bass enhancement system consisting of a double passive membrane for crystal clear, high quality sound.
  • Clock speaker with Qi standard wireless charging system.
  • Clock speaker with built-in FM radio to enjoy your favourite stations and store up to 50 presets.
  • Dual alarm: Set two alarms separately.
  • Choose from 5 different alarm sounds including FM radio and USB/microSD.
  • Large display for perfect viewing in all lighting conditions and adjustable brightness.
  • Time and alarms will be maintained even if there is a power cut thanks to the built-in battery.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 technology to connect your smartphone and listen to your favourite songs wirelessly.
  • Play MP3 files using the USB port, insert a microSD card or connect a music player using an audio cable with 3.5 mm jack connector.
  • Snooze function and alarm repetition every five minutes (Snooze).
  • Select the time to automatically set off sound up to 3 hours in advance.
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