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Earphones Sport 1 Bluetooth Red

Created for workouts. Designed to enjoy.
Bluetooth earphones for sport lovers, great sound and functionality. You can answer your calls and control music playing while working out. All this with a Secure-fit system.
created for workouts designed to enjoy
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Sound to keep yourself going
Wireless earphones with microphone and call control to listen to your favourite music and answer your calls while working out. With just one touch, you will be able to switch to the next song or turn up the volume while practising sport without using your smartphone.
Get hooked
on rhythm
Secure-Fit system specially designed to fit your ears perfectly while working out. They stay in your ears the time you need, so you will only have to focus on achieving your goals.
The perfect accessory for sport training
The combination of sound and functionality results in an earphone which is able to face any challenges. Its sporty and lightweight design fits perfectly on the ears of the greatest athletes.
It can always
be better
Rechargeable battery with 8 hour battery life when in use that will follow you during your training sessions. You will never run out of music or motivation. Only you will decide when to stop it.
  • Bluetooth earphones designed to do sport wirelessly, without being tied.
  • Flexible ear hooks to provide your training sessions with greater comfort and safety.
  • Balanced sound between deep bass and clear treble.
  • Built-in microphone with hands-free and call control functions.
  • Control the music playback directly from the earphones.
  • Up to 8 hours of continuous music playback.
  • Interchangeable pads in three different sizes.
  • Ergonomic and ultra lightweight, perfect for high-performance sport training.
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Verified purchase Published by on Earphones Sport 1 Bluetooth Blue


Published by on Earphones Sport 1 Bluetooth Blue

I love them
I've used them for the past two years, battery charge gets me almost trough the week. The signal is very strong, compared to others I've used in the past. Sound is good. What not to love about them? :) As well as I love the design.

Published by on Earphones Sport 1 Bluetooth Blue

don't charge
The second time I tried to charge them it didn't work. There are almost brand new. Awful quality control

Energy Sistem Answer:

Thank you for your feedback and comments. We apologize if the experience is not as expected.

I recommend you to charge the Sport 1 bluetooth using another cable, to rule out that the fault is in this accessory.

If with the use of another cable, the earphones still do not charge, I recommend that you contact our Customer Service department from to receive technical assistance.



Verified purchase Published by on Earphones Sport 1 Bluetooth Graphite

Funcionan perfectamente. Muy fáciles de "encontra
Funcionan perfectamente. Muy fáciles de "encontrar", de usar y la calidad del sonido es razonable. Por ponerle una pega, la distancia desde el emisor a los auriculares debe ser corta. A veces se entrecorta aunque no puedo asegurar que el problema sea de los auriculares, podría ser del emisor.
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