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Gaming Keyboard ESG K7 Silent-Ninja

Silence your opponents like a ninja.
Red switch mechanical keyboard with backlit keys and several backlight effects. Perfect for gamers and all those who spend many hours working on the computer.
esg k7 silent ninja mechanical gaming keyboard
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Play and write in comfort

TKL mechanical keyboard designed for extreme durability. With maximum keystroke comfort, for your long gaming sessions or to work and write for hours.
Play and write in comfort

Silence is your ally

Gaming keyboard with red switches, ultraquiet buttons that let you concentrate on your game without any distractions. And also when you use them to work or study. Customise the lighting effects for the backlit keys and add some colour to your setup.
Silence is your ally

Pure gaming experience

Immerse yourself in your game like never before thanks to the ESG K7 Silent-Ninja gaming keyboard’s LED backlight technology. Up to 12 different customisations with rainbow effect and adjustable brightness.

No more locking up

Make sure nothing takes you out of the game! The ESG K7 Silent-Ninja gaming keyboard’s anti-ghosting technology detects up to 25 keystrokes at the same time. This prevents the gaming keyboard from locking up and putting you at a disadvantage against your rivals.
No more locking up
  • Silent TKL red switch mechanical keyboard designed for extreme durability.
  • Enjoy every keystroke both when gaming for long hours and when writing large texts.
  • Backlit technology with rainbow LED effect and adjustable brightness.
  • Anti-ghosting.
  • Ultra-durable cable.
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