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Thank you for your trust in our company and for buying your new Tempered Glass. We strongly recommend to read this manual in order to install it correctly and easily.

Product content

  • Phone Pro 3 Tempered Glass
  • Wet wipe
  • Dry wipe
  • Dust-absorber
  • Guide sticker


  1. Clean the phone screen with the wet wipe.
  2. Dry the screen with the dry wipe.
  3. Use the provided sticker to remove any dust particle from the screen surface.


  1. Place one guide sticker on the glass top part and another one on the glass lower part. Once you have done this, remove the plastic protective layer that covers the glass. Pick up the glass where the guide stickers are, alignt it with the screen of your device and apply it.


  1. Press the centre of the glass until the adhesive part sticks to the screen.


  1. If needed, use the dry wipe provided to gently stick the edges.



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Warranty procedure

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