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Outdoor Box Bike

Cycle through life at your own pace
This portable Bluetooth speaker, the Outdoor Box Bike, will allow you to enjoy your music while cycling thanks to the specifically designed accessories. Play music using the microSD MP3 player or via audio-in. Or, if you prefer, listen to FM radio.
speaker with bluetooth technology and 10 w power
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Cycle to the beat of your music
If you're a bike lover, this water-resistant portable speaker which is shock-, dust- and mudproof is perfect to enjoy your music while riding your bike.
Ready to withstand it all
Power and 16 hours of music to enjoy the best sound while riding your bike without worrying about anything else.
King of the Road
Conceived to enjoy the best sound outdoors regardless of rain, snow or sunshine. This water-resistant and shockproof speaker is perfect for riding your bike under any weather conditions. Includes a torch
to light the way if it gets dark.
Your music the way you want it
All playback options at a bike handlebar distance: Bluetooth, microSD cards, 3.5 mm audio-in or FM radio. Choose the one that suits you best and listen to music the way you want.
  • Cycle at your own pace (BIKE ACCESSORIES): This portable speaker has been conceived to let you enjoy your music while cycling at your own pace.
  • Listen to your music the way you want (BLUETOOTH 4.1, microSD MP3 PLAYER, FM RADIO and AUDIO-IN): The Energy Outdoor Bike features several playback options to play your music the way that you prefer: via Bluetooth, using the microSD MP3 player, through the 3.5 mm audio-in or just listen to the radio.
  • Conceived to be used outdoors (SHOCKPROOF and WATER-RESISTANT): Energy Outdoor speakers have been conceived to let you enjoy your music outdoors, whatever the weather is. Therefore, this speaker is water-resistant and shockproof. It also includes a torch.
  • Don't let the road be an obstacle when listening to your music (10 W + 2000 mAh battery): Streets can be really noisy while riding your bike. That's why, this speaker with 10 W power and rechargeable lithium battery will let you listen to your music clearly and safely.
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