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Portable speakers


The best sound quality anywhere

Serie Outdoor Box
  1. Serie Outdoor Box
  2. a 60 w power to take your music wherever you go
    Outdoor Box Beast
  3. a portable splash and shockproof bluetooth speaker
    Outdoor Box Street
  4. speaker with bluetooth technology and 10 w power
    Outdoor Box Bike
  5. speaker with bluetooth technology and 10 w power
    Outdoor Box Adventure
  6. a splashproof bluetooth speaker with true wireless technology
    Outdoor Box Shower
Serie Beat Box
Serie Boombox
  1. Serie Boombox
  2. listen to the radio cds or music stored on the phone with 12 w
    Boombox 6
  3. b fm radio with manual tuning and auto search function
    Boombox 3

Energy Sistem portable speakers are the perfect devices to enjoy music whenever and wherever you want.

Take a look at all the portable speakers that we have for you and take the rhythm with you.

Portable speakers with Bluetooth

All the Energy Sistem portable speakers come with Bluetooth technology to pair any device with your portable speaker.

Make the most of the multiple playback options such as the USB and microSD MP3 player, FM radio and 3.5 mm audio-in. The possibilities are endless so now there are no excuses not to listen to music.