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Tablet Cover Pro 3

Protect, lock and unlock your Energy Tablet with its exclusive cover
Exclusive cover for your Tablet Pro 3. Its hard case, that allows you to use it as a stand, provides the highest protection and it's fitted with a sensor to lock or unlock the display automatically when opening or closing the cover.
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Protection and functionality
A two-in-one product: besides protecting, it also becomes a stand. Foldable cover to turn your case into a stand to watch videos, write or read more comfortably.
A smart cover
Open the cover to activate the display and close it to put it to sleep. Its hard cover fits perfectly to the Tablet and ensures the maximum protection. Besides, it includes a sensor to lock and unlock the screen automatically when opening or closing the cover.
  • Exclusive case for your Energy Tablet Pro 3.
  • Highly resistant and quality materials for a better protection of your device.
  • Anti-slip polyurethane lining on the inside to protect the screen from getting scratched or damaged.
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design.
  • Hard case to protect the tablet rear part.
  • Supporting system to fold the cover for an horizontal standing orientation to watch videos, write or read.
  • Lock or unlock the tablet screen automatically when opening or closing the cover.
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