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Tower 7 Duo System

Pair your Towers to create your own concept of music, light and space
Create the perfect light and sound atmosphere for your living room, pair two Tower 7 by means of True Wireless technology and enjoy your music with 200 W. It features an RCA input, Bluetooth 5.0, FM Radio, USB and microSD player and charging port.
hi fi tower speakers that will give you 200 w power
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UP TO 1800 ENERGIES (€18.00)

2 better than 1
What do you get if you pair a 100 W Hi-Fi tower with a second unit of the same model? 200 W power to listen to your music like never before.
And you? How do
you listen to music?
Stay connected within a range of up to 40 m thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Includes FM radio and USB and microSD MP3 reader. The RCA input and output allow you to connect different units and expand your audio system's possibilities.
Balance and harmony
The LED light on the lower part will give you extra warmth to enjoy your music in your living room.
Versatility of TWS technology
Use True Wireless Stereo technology to pair two units, without using cables. You can also set them up as right and left channels to play music simultaneously or pair them to enjoy stereo playback.
  • Hi-Fi sound system with 100 W output power per Tower for a combined power of 200 W.
  • Ambient light on lower part to match your room decor.
  • Innovative True Wireless Stereo technology that will make it possible to pair two towers and get twice as much power without wires.
  • With True Wireless Technology you will be able to set them up separately as right, left or stereo channel.
  • Clearer sound and well-balanced treble thanks to the silk dome tweeter.
  • RCA input/output to plug different units using a cable and expand your audio sytem.
  • Sound without wires: Transfer your music wirelessly within 40 m distance with Bluetooth 5.0 technology.
  • Do not worry about the battery of your Bluetooth device since you'll be able to charge it using the tower USB charging ports.
  • Use the remote control, if you prefer, to control all functions in an easy and simple way.
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