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DJ 700

Professional high quality DJ headphone.
The most powerful, and enveloping sound you will never hear. Every verse, every scratch, every kick drum beat echoes in your head with live clarity and energy. It's more than music. Conquer the streets!
  • Lightweight circumaural headset with high-tech enclosed transducer delivering the cleanest and purest sound. "Deep Bass Response": Enclosure that enhances the sound, providing punchy bass and crystal clear response.
  • "Energy Sound" : 108db sensitivity range, a powerful audio output.
  • Enormous enclosed headphones that provide perfect acoustic insulation wether walking in the streets or mixing at the club.
  • Able to rotate 90 degrees, so you can listen with one ear.
  • Wide Dynamic Range: enjoy the full soud spectrum richness thanks to the 40 mm driver units.
  • Extra wide strip.
  • Synthetic leather quilted pads, maximum insulation and comfort.
  • Gold-plated 3'5mm jack.
  • iPod and iPhone compatible.
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