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Energy Party 6

Lights, music, action! The king of the party is here.
The sound quality and power you are looking for your parties, surround sound and lighting. It is fitted with microphone, control panel with equalizer, LED display, Bluetooth and lights to enliven your songs.
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UP TO 1500 ENERGIES (€15.00)

Unleash all
the power
Press the Energy Music Power 600 button and feel the power. Epic bass and clear treble. An incredible sound that will fill the
entire dance floor.
Music for your eyes
Organise a festival wherever you are, with coloured lights that change with the music to create the perfect party atmosphere.
Be the life of the party
Enjoy with your friends singing your favourite songs, or play a guitar solo thanks to its exclusive inputs to connect your musical instruments.
Everything under
your control
Play with sound with simple slides and
control the music volume by moving the dials
or turning the wheel.
  • 2.1 system with 240 W power and LED lights to enliven all your parties.
  • Energy Music Power 600: Maximise bass and turn up the volume at the touch of a button whenever you want.
  • Microphone and guitar inputs to connect your musical instruments.
  • RCA in/ out to connect several Energy Party 6 and customize your music equipment.
  • Sound without limits. Play your music wirelessly up to 10 m distance thanks to the Bluetooth 4.0 technology.
  • Alternatively, you can easily control all functions with its remote control.
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Energy music

Descarga la aplicación y reproduce el mejor sonido personalizado para tu dispositivo energy.

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