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Made for Audio Gaming

As specialists in personal audio products, we present ES Gaming. Our new product range features the perfect audio solutions to obtain a unique gaming experience. We have created 3 pairs of headphones and earphones for real gamers. All of them are equipped with all the technical features you need to make the most of your video games.

Do not let anything distract you from playing

Do not let anything distract you from playing

There's nothing more important than playing your favourite video game. We know that any distraction can ruin a whole gaming session. Therefore, ESG headphones have been designed to dive into the game, while blocking outside noises that may disturb you when playing.

ES Gaming headphones provide a great gaming experience when playing online games. Choose from three different gaming headphones for playing on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch or PC. The ESG 5 Shock headphones with LED light feature an omnidirectional microphone and stand out due to their vibration feature. If you are looking to play on your console or PC non-stop, we recommend the ESG 2 Laser model. Finally, the most affordable gaming earphones are the ESG 1 Dual Driver earphones. They have been specially made for playing the best smartphone or portable console video games anywhere.

Discover a brand new gaming experience with these three gaming headphones and choose the ones that best suit your gaming style.