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Eco Audio

Say hello to sustainable music

All our Eco Audio products are made from 100% sustainable wood and eco-friendly materials. We are committed to providing users with a more sustainable way of listening to music.

  1. a true wireless stereo your music with twice as much power
    Speaker Eco Beech Wood
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Let’s plant trees to save the planet

Forests are key to fight climate change. They help maintain the water cycle, produce oxygen and cleanse the atmosphere, thus helping maintain environmental balance. Our goal is to preserve the planet by planting cherry, beech and walnut trees. This way, the wood used to manufacture our Eco Audio products coming from sustainably managed forests regenerate naturally.

Together with the Spanish green start-up Bosquia, which is committed to reforesting deforested areas all over the peninsula, we’re going to plant, take care of and maintain an Energy Sistem forest in Huelva (near the Doñana National Park) made up of native cherry and walnut trees.

You can change the world

Caring for the environment means protecting the world we live in. Responsible consumption is possible.

When buying any of our Eco Audio products you’re helping preserve the planet by planting and protecting native trees that will grow into a new forest providing our society with oxygen and ensuring life.

Thank you for helping us make the world a better and greener place!

We take care of what really matters

Details count. Our products are mainly made from wood coming from sustainably managed forests as well as materials that minimise environmental impact. This way, we reduce the amount of plastic and paper used to manufacture our products.

Sustainable music is here to stay

Haven't you changed to the world of sustainable sound yet? Our new Eco range, consisting of four in-ear headphones and a portable wireless speaker, is made from natural wood and eco-friendly materials.

This range of sustainable products was created to enjoy music in a more sustainable way, thus protecting nature and promoting responsible consuming habits.

Eco in-ear headphones made from cherry and walnut wood from FSC certified, sustainably managed forests, guarantee that the raw materials used have been carefully selected. One model features a 3.5 mm plug. The other one has a type-C connector. Both earphones feature a hemp cable with an in-line multifunction microphone and hands-free function to control music and calls.

The Eco Bluetooth speaker consists of a beechwood and organic fabric housing. We optimise and reduce the use of materials to help create a greener society. At the same time, we provide natural sound thanks to the use of organic resources obtained from nature.