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Provide your ears with the best sound quality

Find your headphones and enjoy full freedom of movement without giving up sound quality.

There are several types of Energy Sistem headphones that adapt to your style and needs: Bluetooth earphones and headphones to bid farewell to cables, headsets with Voice Assistant technology to make your life easier, or sport earphones to enjoy music while doing sport.

Which headphones are yours?

At Energy Sistem we think there is a perfect type of headphones for everyone. That’s why we focus all our efforts on designing and creating headphones for everyone.

Each pair of earphones or headphones has a different purpose. They can either have a cable or not, and have different designs, both wireless and with cable.

Over-Ear Headphones

Also known as over-ear headsets, these headphones are perfect for enjoying great sound quality and total comfort thanks to the ear pads that completely cover the ears.

On-Ear Headphones

The on-ear earphones, also known as on-ear headsets, are smaller than the over-ear headphones. The ear pads cover only the ears and are perfect to take around wherever you go.

Earphones with in-ear design

Also known as in-ear headphones, these earphones are placed directly in the ear because of their reduced size. They provide great sound quality.

All Energy Sistem headphones with headband are closed and have the following features:

Closed Headphones

The closed headphones or earphones block external sound and prevent sound from leaking out. This way, you can enjoy your music without being disturbed and at the same time not disturbing others.