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Our philosophy

In Energy Sistem, we believe that the best part about working with technology is to make difficult things happen in a simple way.

Interesting Facts

  • Since 1995
  • Presence in the 5 continents
  • Units sold + 30.000.000

Energy Sistem team

Our team consists of more than 100 people of different nationalities that every day make it possible to turn big ideas into reality.

Attention to detail

Some details such as the packaging or the accessories included with each product provide quality and make a difference regarding other brands.

A global brand

Currently, we have a consolidated project which is undergoing an internationalization process based on its brand image.



We want the music to go with you, every day, wherever you go.

A history of great achievements

  • 2020

    Eco Audio

    All our Eco Audio products are made from 100% sustainable wood and eco-friendly materials

  • 2019

    Frame Speaker

    First wall-art speaker launched in Spain

  • 2018

    Headphones BT Smart 6 Voice Assistant

    First device with Voice Assistant

  • 2017

    Earphones 6 True Wireless

    First device with True Wireless technology

  • 2016

    Multiroom WI-FI

    First device with Wi-Fi sync

  • 2015

    Music Box Aquatic Bluetooth

    First Energy Sistem's aquatic speaker

  • 2014

    Phone Pro Qi

    First Spanish brand to launch an Octa Core Smartphone

  • 2012

    3D Media Player 6608 Dark Iron

    First media player that allows to watch 3D contents without glasses

  • 2011

    MP4 Sport Series

    First sport player designed in Spain

  • 2010

    Tablet i504

    The first tablet launched to the national market by a Spanish brand

  • 2009

    Book 1060

    The electronic ink technology arrives in Spain

  • 2007

    Inngenio 4000

    First touch screen mp4 of Energy Sistem

  • 2006

    Inngenio 1000

    The mp4 reaches the Spanish market

  • 2005

    Lunnatic 5000

    The first mp3 player with FM radio Transmitter

  • 2004

    Inngenio 2000

    First colour mp3 launched to the Spanish market

  • 2003

    Digital Xtation

    Multifunction device to listen to music, take pictures, record or play videos

  • 2001

    Elegance 2000

    The first mp3 player of the Spanish market

  • 1996

    Mouse Serial

    Energy Sistem's first accessory

  • 1995

    SAI Smart 500 VA

    (Uninterruptible Power Supply system) First Energy Sistem product