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A world of audio for little ones

Lol&Roll is a universe of audio products specially designed for the most adventurous boys and girls. Just like you! So you can always enjoy music safely. We only use child-friendly materials, and all our devices have a volume limit. Great fun guaranteed!

More play, less pause. Welcome to Lol&Roll band

Anne, Luca and Yoko are about to start the craziest, most entertaining concert you've ever seen. The instruments are ready. The audience are already jumping about in their seats... All that's missing is you! Join the Lol&Roll band on this unique adventure, full of music, energy and friendship.

Move to Anne’s beat

Hi! I'm Anne, I sing and play bass in the band. I can't stop dancing and bouncing about! Any corner of the house becomes my stage. Can you hear the beat of the instruments? Join us and get carried away by the music! Standing still is not an option.

Play it with Yoko

I'm Yoko, the band's guitarist. I love listening to my music on any digital device. I put my headphones on, press play, and let the concert begin! Technology is great fun, and also lets us all share our favourite songs. Which playlist do you dance to most?

The fun starts with Luca

My name is Luca and I play the drums. I love creating sounds with anything I can find! The music flows freely whenever the band gets together. I also love to recycle. Did you know that you can reuse tins and spoons to build a drum kit at home?